Shimadzu AA-6200

Shimadzu's new double beam AA-6200 atomic absorption spectrophotometer recombines high performance and affordability. The double beam system provides the superior baseline stability expected from high performance optical systems at an affordable price. Use of WindowsTM 95 and AtomicA's software Wizard function provides easy operation for system control and data processing. The AA-6200 uses the least linear bench space of any atomic absorption spectrophotometer in the world. In spite of its compactness, the performance and capability is superior. In fact, the AA-6200 outperforms other atomic absorption instruments many times its physical size.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AA-6200

Optics Double Beam (chopper mirror)
Monochromator aberration corrected Czerny-Turner monochromator

Holographic grating (1,600 lines/mm)
Wavelength range 190-900 nm

Automated wavelength selection
Slit 0.2nm, 0.7 nm Manual setting
Background Correction D2-Lamp method
Lamp Turret 2-lamps simultaneously lit (manual turret)
Lamp Mode Emission, Non-BGC, BGC-D2
Frequency 100Hz
Nebulizer Nebulizer integrated impact bead and jacket tip

Pt/Ir capillary
Chamber Polypropylene
Burner Fixed back/forward position and burner height

(Simply switching of Air/C2H2 and N2O/ C2H2 burner)

Titanium 10cm slot burner (Optional high temperature burner)
Gas Control Manual setting of flow rate

Automatic Air/ N2O switching system
Safety Gas pressure monitoring to prevent flashback

Automatic flame monitoring

Safety interlock for misuse of burner

Automatic flame extinguish when power failure
Ignition Push ignite button
Software Software based on MS-WindowsTM
Dimension and weight W690 x D425 x H370 mm, 38 kg
Power requirements AC220V, 230V, 50/60Hz, 300 VA

(Requires transformer for AC115V)

(Certification of CE marking)
Ambient temperature and humidity range Temperature: 10~35°C
Humidity: 45~80% (but less than 70% if temperature is over 30°C
Standard accessories Burner Head of 10cm slot. Nebulizer assembly. Deuterium lamp. Drain tube PTFE tube for sample suction. Hose assembly for Air. Hose assembly for C2H2. Hose band RS-232C connection cable (9P-9P). AC cable for 220, 230V

Personal Computer requirements

Personal Computer requirements
Operating environment: MS-WindowsTM 95 or MS-WindowsTM Ver3.1
CPU: 486DX-66 or Higher (In case of MS-WindowsTM3.1), Pentium-75 or Higher (In case of MS-WindowsTM 95)
RAM: 16MB or higher
CRT: VGA or Higher
Hard disk: 120 Mb or larger
3.5" Floppy disk drive: One or more units

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