AOC-6000 Plus

Multifunctional Autosampler AOC-6000 Plus Series

AOC 6000 Plus

The AOC-6000 Plus Multifunctional Autosampler is setup to handle a wide variety of sample introduction techniques and sample preparation methods, including liquid injection, headspace (HS) injection, solid-phase microextraction (SPME), SPME Arrow, ITEX DHS and much more. The automatic syringe exchange RTC (Robotic Tool Changer) function enables continuous sample injection using different SMART syringes. By using the AOC-6000 Plus in combination with the Twin Line MS System, continuous analyses are possible while sample introduction methods are switched automatically.

Multiple Sample Injection Methods in One Device

Choose between liquid injection, headspace injection, and solid-phase microextraction (SPME) injection. The sample injection method can be selected to suit the sample form and the components targeted for analysis.

Multiple Sample Injection

Automatic Switching of Sample Injection Methods

The AOC-6000 Plus automatically exchanges the syringe tools installed in the park station for each sample injection method (automatic tool exchange function). 

Automatic Switching of Sample Injection Methods


High-sensitivity Analysis Achieved by Latest Concentration Technology


SPME Arrow

Compared to previous SPME methods, the next-generation SPME Arrow offers higher sensitivity, superior durability, and high-speed extraction*.
* Due to its large external diameter, the SPME Arrow cannot be used with an ordinary GC injection port. Use only GC injection ports that have a wide diameter hole and are designed for the SPME Arrow.

- Unlike conventional SPME, the SPME Arrow can hold a larger volume of adsorbent, and has a thicker, sturdier design. It also provides higher sensitivity and durability.

SPME Arrow

- By employing the dedicated Heatex Stirrer, which is highly efficient at stirring, the SPME Arrow enables acceleration of the pretreatment process.

Dedicated Heatex Stirrer

In the analysis of moldy odor substances in water, the SPME Arrow achieved a five-time increase in sensitivity compared with previous SPME. Moreover, the time required for the extraction to reach equilibrium was reduced to five minutes, which is 1/3 that of previous SPME. 

SPME Arrow Water

Increased Data Reliability

Increased data reliability with syringe and fiber usage history

The AOC-6000 Plus includes a feature for managing the use of syringes and fibers. It reads the Smart Chips built into the specially-designed Smart Syringe, Smart SPME Fiber, and Smart SPME Arrow and displays information for the device, such as temperature resistance, usage history, usage dates and stroke count*. The ability to automate complicated consumables management and monitor the conditions of syringes and fibers leads to more reliable data.


Syringe Status Information

A broad lineup of Smart Syringes, Smart SPME Fibers and Smart SPME Arrows compatible with the AOC-6000 Plus are available to cover any analysis. 

Core Focus

Choose the best consumables for your application with a lineup of Smart SPME Fibres and Smart SPME Arrows covering all types of mobile phase. Plungers are color-coded according to the mobile phase type so that consumables can be distinguished easily. 

SPME Fibres

* The AOC-6000 Plus is only compatible with the Smart Syringe, Smart SPME Fiber and Smart SPME Arrow. Syringes and fibers without a Smart Chip cannot be used.


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