2014 IBO Industrial Design Awards Announced  
Gold Award for Shimadzu’s spectrometer series

Shimadzu’s EDX-7000/8000 energy-dispersive- (ED) XRF spectrometer has received the Gold Award in the Analytical Instrument Industrial Design segment of the 2014 IBO Industrial Design Awards.

The jury recognized the system’s round front and streamlined profile that sets it apart from the boxier and heavier-looking designs of other benchtop ED-XRF systems, making the system approachable and distinctive. The simple (LED) displays under and above the lid and the lid’s handle guide the user’s interaction. Design features used to make the system appear more compact include the coloring, indentation around the front-bottom section, a slight incline on the lid and sharp angles on the back-sides.

IBO Design Award

The annual IBO Design Awards for excellence in the industrial design of analytical instruments, portable analytical instruments and laboratory equipment is donated by Instrument Business Outlook (IBO) publication. The accomplishments are aesthetic in terms of the product’s visual appeal and novelty, yet the industrial design also serves the product’s function, increasing its usability and utility, and by extension, the brand’s value. Criteria include innovation, aesthetics, functionality and features, but not performance.


The EDX-7000/8000 measures the energy (keV) and intensity of the generated fluorescent X-rays to determine the type and content of the elements comprising a sample. It is applied for non-destructive elemental analysis of solid, powder, and liquid samples. It is widely used by electronics and automobile manufacturers around the world.

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