Shimadzu Announces Completion of New Quality Center

December 6, 2013 

Kyoto, Japan 

Shimadzu Announces Completion of New Quality Center
A quality assurance base for the Shimadzu Group to promote the provision of high-quality, reliable products and services

Shimadzu announces the completion of the new Quality Center building, which has been under construction at its head office (Sanjo Works) premises (1, Nishinokyo-Kuwabara-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan) since February 2013.

The Quality Center has been constructed to improve the quality of products developed and manufactured by Shimadzu. It consolidates under one roof the analysis and evaluation equipment and functionality needed for product development and failure analyses. It will work as a center for quality assurance development as well as standard and regulatory compliance.

In particular, to assure compliance with Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)* regulations, the new facility features a large 10 meter anechoic chamber and two compact anechoic chambers for development. This makes it possible to perform EMC testing, which had been conducted at external facilities, in-house. In addition to the manufacture of high-quality products, from an early stage of development, that neither cause nor are affected by electromagnetic interference, this also enables faster development. Equipped with large-temperature and humidity-testing chambers for testing large instruments, and various equipment for materials analyses, precise measurements, simulation verification, and reliability evaluation, the center will significantly improve product reliability and safety.

The completed Quality Center is a three-story steel frame building with 5,500 square meters of floor space. Like the existing medical instruments plant and turbomolecular pump plant on the Sanjo Works premises, the building was constructed utilizing environmental conservation measures. These include the use of heat-insulation metal sandwich panels, LED lighting fixtures, etc. (a total investment of approximately 1.7 billion yen). The center will begin full operation in summer 2014, after the relocation of equipment from existing buildings and the accreditation of the EMC laboratory.

We expect that the establishment of this new Quality Center will reduce defects, accelerate problem analysis, and provide higher-quality products and more efficient services to customers throughout the world.

More information: 

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* Electro Magnetic Compatibility is the ability of electrical or electronic equipment to operate in proximity to other devices, without suffering or causing malfunctions due to the absorption or emission of electromagnetic noise.


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