Company History

Founded in 1875, Shimadzu looks back on a long history and tradition of know-how, research and service. Meanwhile Shimadzu has a worldwide network of subsidiaries in 76 countries.

A more detailed listing of Shimadzu’s history can be found at our Global Site.

2016: 60 years of making gas chromatographs

60 years of making gas chromatographs

2016:Shimadzu’s history in IR spans many technological eras

60 years of making infrared spectrophotometers

Shimadzu Visionary

Visionary about 133 years of Shimadzu

An introduction to Shimadzu´s History, based on the technologies and events marking each era, chronicled by date.

Shimadzu Visionary (website)

Shimadzu Foundation Memorial Hall

Shimadzu Foundation Memorial Hall

Located at the northern end of the Takase River, the Kiyamachi-Nijo district (Japan) is the birthplace of Shimadzu Corporation and the location where Shimadzu provides a space where visitors can experience the atmosphere and history of Shimadzu's early years through story and theme-based exhibits.

Read more about the Foundation Memorial Hall (website)

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