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Shimadzu introduced its first digital integrator in 1969. Since then Shimadzu has been a leader in the field of processing of chromatographic data. The microprocessor controlled Chromatopac series starting with the C-R1A and continuing today with the C-R8A is a continuation of that history. Shimadzu has also advanced over the years in the field of PC based data systems, progressing from a DOS-based system to today's Labsolutions Series Workstation.
21 CFR Part11 Compliance
Part 11 in Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations includes the US Federal guidelines for storing and protecting electronic records and applying electronic signatures. Shimadzu Chromatography Workstation with CLASS-Agent Data Management Software were designed to provide a full feature set to help companies using chromatography instrument comply with this ruling. In the document linked below, each section of 21 CFR Part 11 is examined, and the solution that the Workstation is discussed.

Product Lineup

LC Driver for Waters Empower™

LC Driver for Chromeleon 6.8®

GC Driver for Waters Empower™ Software


  • LabSolutions features an innovative operating environment and provides complete data...


  • Network-compatible Analysis Data Management Tool  ...

LabSolutions LCGC

  • LC and GC Systems Can Be Controlled from the Same Software   With LabSolutions, both LC...

LabSolutions DB

  • Secure Data Management with a PC   LabSolutions DB integrates a data management function...

LabSolutions CS

  • LabSolutions features an innovative operating environment and provides complete data...

LabSolutions IR Software

LabSolutions RF

  • LabSolutions RF software was developed to be easy for anyone to understand and...


  • ChromSquare GC/GC is data analysis software for comprehensive gas chromatography...

ICPEsolution Software

  • ICPEsolution Software Ensures That Analysis Can Be Started Smoothly   Start measurements...

WizAArd Software

  • The "WizAArd"  software is much easier to understand and use, with...

i-Series Driver for Multi-Vendor Software

LabSolutions DB/CS for ICPMS-2030

LabSolutions UV-Vis