LC/MS/MS Method Package for Steroid Hormones – Features

Simultaneous High-Sensitivity Analysis of 20 Steroid Hormone Components in 15 Minutes

Because steroid hormone concentrations in blood can vary significantly depending on sex, age, and individual differences, a method for simultaneously analyzing steroid hormone components with high sensitivity is needed. ELISA, RIA, and other immunoassay technologies are widely used to qualitatively and quantitatively analyze steroid hormones. However, they require using one antibody for each target compound, which makes it difficult and expensive to use immunoassay techniques for simultaneous analysis or profiling. With this method package, it takes only 15 minutes to simultaneously analyze 20 steroid hormone components with high sensitivity.


Includes Examples of Pretreatment Protocols for Efficiently Extracting Target Substances from Small Quantities of Blood Serum

This method package enables pretreatment including derivatization in order to analyze steroid hormones with high sensitivity. Pretreatment requires only 200 μL sample quantities.

The instruction manual describes pretreatment protocols designed for blood serum, which means the package can be used immediately for all steps from pretreatment to data acquisition and analysis.


  1. Requires LabSolutions LCMS Ver. 5.118 or later.
  2. This method package is intended for research use only

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