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Shimadzu offers a range of first-class testing instruments to meet R&D requirements in the development of safer and higher quality materials and products. With Universal/Tensile Testers like the AG-X plus Series, AGS-X Series and the Table-top EZ Test Series, Capillary Flow and Endurance Testers, and a variety of Micro Hardness Testers like the DUH-211 Series, the choice is yours. Combined with Shimadzu's selection of accessories, including grips, extensometers, and jigs, and the optional Windows®-compatible Trapezium Software, which provides simplified user operation with Wizards and the industry's premier navigation system, Shimadzu can provide you with a solution for any environment or application.

High-level technologies incorporating precision, electronics, control, optics, sensors, and information processing are concentrated in these testing and inspection machines, producing the evaluation system most suited to the objective of use.

On-demand webinar: 10 Must-Know Cost-Saving Tips Before You Buy and Install Universal Testing Machines 


Product Lineup

AGX-V Series

Shimadzu’s new precision universal test frames deliver enhanced materials testing performance with proprietary control technology that provides unparalleled functionality, control, and safety.

AGS - X Series

Practical, versatile test frames adaptable to countless applications.

AG-Xplus Series

Features autotuning of the control parameters in real time based on stress and strain data measured during testing as well as reliable comparison of unknown sample data, without pre-testing.

EZ Test

 Compact solutions for performing tests.

UH-X/FX Series

Environmentally and operator friendly state-of-the-art universal testing machine.

Accessories for AG, AGS, and EZ Series

Shimadzu's extensive line of universal testing accessories is manufactured in ISO 9001 certified.


Refined software for exceptional testing support.

Solution System Packages


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